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LorusAI-V1 – Trade with Intelligence – Indicates Buy/Sell Signals

Are You Tired of False Alarms and Missed Trading Opportunities?

The indicator is currently Invite-Only ..

Introducing LorusAI Indicator, the revolutionary trading indicator that cuts through the market noise and reveals the perfect entry points you’ve been waiting for.

Sideways market got you stuck? No worries, LorusAI shines brightest when others falter. A flat line means “stay,” giving you peace of mind and preventing costly false signals.

But when the market starts its ascent or plummet, watch out! Our indicator will guide you like a GPS for profits, pinpointing the exact moment to enter and capitalize on every trend.

Ready to ditch the guesswork and trade with confidence? Get LorusAI today and unlock the secrets of market timing!

How To get LorusAI Indicator?-

It’s only Invite Only

Process 1. TradingView

Create account on, once created share User ID with us

  1. Our indicator is on Trading View only.
  2. Create your ID on Trading View.
  3. Share your UserID only with us for giving Indicator access.

Process 2. Get Indicator Access

  1. Select your LorusAI Indicator Plan, and Pay.
  2. Select Payment via UPI or PayPal (more payment option coming)
  3. Message your TradingView User ID, once you done Payment.
  4. We will give you access as per your Plan.
  5. Done

Prices are as follows

  • 7-Day Trial – 999 /- INR or $15 USD
  • 1 month – 1999 /- INR or $30 USD
  • 3 Month – 4999 /- INR or $70 USD
  • 6 Month – 7999 /- INR or $120 USD
  • Yearly – 14999 /- INR or $220 USD

Payment option

UPI ID: bitcominformatics@ybl

PayPal ID:

Disclaimer: While LorusAI is a powerful indicator, remember, the market is a beast. Even the best tools require skill, risk management, and a healthy dose of common sense. We are not responsible for any losses. It's for educational purposes only. Remember Trading always involves risk.

Works in U.S Market, and Crypto Currency too.

So what are you Waiting For.. Buy Now!